U.D.R.L.C.'s 40 Hour Devotion Draws Hundreds to Plattekill for Eucharistic Adoration Tied to        Pro-Life Cause in N.Y.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 19, 2026 - Plattekill, N.Y.

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Plattekill, N.Y. -  As the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (U.D.R.L.C.) seeks to amplify the participation of Catholics in Ulster County along with allies such as the Bruderhof Communities for the pro-life cause, the Committee's third annual Forty Hours Devotion of Solemn Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was moved to Our Lady of Fatima Church (Plattekill, N.Y) from April 11 to 13, after having been celebrated in November 2021 at Presentation Church (Port Ewen) and in April 2023 at St. Mary's Church (Kingston).  "In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision by the Supreme Court that remanded the issue of abortion-on-demand to the states in June 2022, the U.D.R.L.C. wanted to raise awareness that New York had legalized abortion on April 11, 1970, about three years before the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in January 1973," explained Robert D. Smith, Jr., a parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima Church who headed the hosting team of the Forty Hour Devotion at Plattekill.  "Given that abortion is firstly an issue of whom we treat as fully human in our society and from what point, our Committee believes that reparation must be made to God before we can seek justice for the preborn child and compassion for distressed expectant mothers in New York," stated Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the U.D.R.L.C.

Starting with a Mass of Exposition on the afternoon of April 11th celebrated by Fr. Rojas and concelebrated by Fr. Paul Jibrin, the priest stationed at Our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Sacrament (a consecrated Host containing the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) was exposed for adoration for 40 hours with the themes of reparation for the 54 years of legal abortion in New York, praying for the conversion of New Yorkers both high and low towards the pro-life cause, and for divine blessing of the efforts of Catholic and other prolifers in Ulster County and elsewhere towards defending human life and dignity from conception until natural death.  "It is impressive that hundreds of people within Ulster County and even from other places came to Plattekill throughout the forty hours, whether day or night, for this combination of Eucharistic adoration and the cause of social justice and human rights via the prolife cause," observed Fr. Rojas.  Added Mr. Smith, "The Spirit of God was palpable, you couldn't help but be moved.  The Forty Hours Devotion was life-changing" for many parishioners who participated.  

The Forty Hours Devotion concluded on the morning of Saturday, April 13th with Solemn Exposition by Fr. Jibrin and then the Mass of the morning.  The U.D.R.L.C. intends to carry the devotion into next year so long as abortion remains legal in New York state.  Indeed, the U.D.R.L.C. is active on other pro-life issues such as combating the threat of euthanasia with the proposed "assited suicide" bill pending in Albany (A.995/S.2445).  Finally, the Committee is readying itself to actively back the NO campaign on the "Equality Amendment" on the ballot this November that would enshrine abortion-on-demand in the state constitution.  A picture of the Forty Hours Devotion attached to this release can be seen below.
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Annual Pro-Life Signature Ad in Daily Freeman (Kingston) Fills Two Pages of April 14 Issue, Exceeding 1,400 Names


By: The Good Newsroom

“The amount represents a gain of nine percent over the previous year’s ad in the Daily Freeman,” announced Father Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the UDRLC

Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the [http://www.ulsterdeaneryrespect life.org]Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Photo courtesy of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.

Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the [http://www.ulsterdeaneryrespect life.org]Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Photo courtesy of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.

KINGSTON — Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. “The amount represents a gain of nine percent over the previous year’s ad in the Daily Freeman,” announced Father Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the UDRLC.

For decades, the UDRLC has made a practice of taking its “Signature Ad” annually on the pages of the Daily Freeman as a statement of protest and determination in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that established abortion on demand as a constitutional right across the United States, usually in the Sunday issue nearest to the January 22 anniversary of that ruling. “However, with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision of the U.S. Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade in 2022 and returning the abortion issue to the states,” stated Father Rojas, “our committee decided to raise awareness of the anniversary of April 11, 1970 as the start of the tragedy of abortion on demand in New York. In light of the “Equality Amendment” on the ballot in November seeking to enshrine abortion on demand in our state constitution, our Signature Ad this year is especially relevant and timely.”

The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee aims to coordinate the spiritual and practical pro-life activities of Catholics of the 14 parishes in Ulster County and allied people of good will such as the Bruderhof Communities.

The UDRLC intends to cooperate with New Yorkers of all faiths concerned over preborn human life and parental rights to urge Ulsterites and New Yorkers to vote no on the so-called “Equality Amendment” this November.

To participate in the 40 Hours for Life Adoration you can contact your parish representative or you may sign up individually on-line at:


Simply click on the green button and choose the time slot you would like to volunteer for. 

Either an email address or a cellphone number is required so that we can send you a reminder.

          The Eucharistic Jesus loves it when you visit Him! 

Stop by Our Lady of Fatima Church, 1250 State Route 32, Plattekill, New York for 40 hours of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! Sponsored by the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee and hosted by Our Lady of Fatima Parish. No preregistration required, just stop by, even if only for half an hour.

    U.D.R.L.C. Takes on Assisted Suicide Bill in Albany

3/12/24. Albany, New York -

Under the leadership of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee, a committed delegation of ten Ulster Catholics joined hundreds of New Yorkers at a rally today by the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center. In addition to our delegates being hosted by Assemb. Brian Maher on the floor of the Assembly chamber, a number of delegates went to register objections to the "Medical Aid in Dying" bill (A.995/S.2445) at the Albany offices of Assemb. Sarahana Shrestha and Sen. Michelle Hinchey. This rally also provided our Committee with an opportunity to raise our profile and to meet activists from different parts of New York State. "Our presence in Albany today is one more step towards more assertive advocacy for our disabled, elderly, lonely, and poor New Yorkers in a broad Prolife resistance to the prescription of death by political and corporate interests," stated Fr. Arthur Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.   (Pictures were taken by Trevor Jones)


                                               Click on the link below to read the article with a subscription: 

                                       Response to Medical Aid in Dying bill published in Shawangunk Journal.

March For Life – Washington D.C.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Below, you will find a link to the Archdiocese of New York Respect Life Office '2024 March for Life' page.  Here you will find information regarding buses that are scheduled to depart from specific areas within the Archdiocese for those who would like to attend the 2024 March for Life in Washington D.C. .  There is also information regarding opportunities for local prayer and witness for this important date.  

March For Life - January 19th, 2024 - Washington D.C.


Jan. 5, 2024 (Esopus, N.Y.)  -  The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee reminds Catholics and other Ulsterites of good will that Monday, January 22 is the annual National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children declared by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in light of the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973 that imposed abortion-on-demand across America.  Although the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June 2022 by the High Court returned the abortion issue to the states, our struggle continues to restore legal and social protection to preborn human children.  "That struggle is firstly spiritual and involves prayers or reparation as well as for the conversion of our beloved country to the Gospel of Life over the Culture of Death," stated by Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the Committee.

Thus, the Committee is pleased to note that a Special Mass for the National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children will be offered on Monday, January 22nd at 11:30 a.m., Sacred Heart Church, 1055 Broadway, Esopus, New York.  Confessions will be heard from 10:45 to 11:15 a.m.  We encourage all Catholic parishes in Ulster County to publicize their observances of the National Day of Prayer and we welcome the prayers and other cooperation of Ulster residents of other religions.  



Stay tuned as the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee joins other New Yorkers of different faiths and even no faith to oppose this attempt to enshrine abortion-on-demand into our state constitution as a fundamental right.  In light of what happened in Ohio last fall, it is imperative that Catholics in Ulster County - clerics, religious, and lay people alike - lift our hands in prayer and our voices in advocacy against this hideous maneuver to grant constitutional status to the intrinsic evil and mortal sin of abortion, which denies the humanity of the preborn child, corrupts the practice of medicine and morality, strips parents of their right and duty to care for their minor children, and peddles a bloody and regretful answer to women and others who may be in distress.  Our Committee looks forward to cooperating with various groups and persons of pro-life good will or who care about the integrity of our state constitution or the rights of parents against this vile, inhumane amendment.



Walgreens and CVS have announced that they will begin dispensing the deadly abortion pill this month. The move comes over a year after the FDA announced that retail pharmacies can dispense the lethal drugs with a prescription and sell them alongside pharmaceutical drugs, like antibiotics.

True health care heals; it does not kill. Since its approval by the FDA in 2000, the abortion pill has led to the deaths of 5.6 million preborn children and has harmed countless women.


A new article from the Washington Post is attacking new legislation introduced in various states, attempting to ensure that students have access to videos showing accurate fetal development. This article joins an earlier critique released by the Associated Press. Iowa has become the latest state, joining North Dakota and West Virginia, to advance legislation requiring videos like Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” to be shown to middle school and high school students. “Baby Olivia” uses realistic, groundbreaking animation to depict medically accurate information about life in the womb, from the moment of fertilization through birth, and includes significant points in the preborn child’s growth and development for every week of pregnancy.


A GOP state senator has a monstrous bill that explicitly denies the humanity of frozen embryos: https://nystateofpolitics.com/state-of-politics/new-york/politics/2024/03/06/gop-led-nys-ivf-bill-facing-some-pushback   Scientifically ignorant and utterly heartless.

There is currently no language in New York state law that clarifies frozen embryos created for in vitro fertilization procedures are not classified as people. State Sen. Jack Martins, R-Old Westbury, has introduced legislation to do that.


  • Public Records Request for UC San Diego Documents Shows Planned Parenthood Supplying “Proprietary” Aborted Fetuses While Keeping Rights in “Intellectual Property” Made From Them.

SAN DIEGO, March 5—Never-before-seen documents released under a public records request show Planned Parenthood transferring “proprietary” aborted fetal body parts to UC San Diego explicitly for “valuable consideration”—a violation of federal law—in exchange for ownership of the university’s “patents” and “intellectual property” developed by experimenting with them. The transfer of any aborted human fetal tissue for “valuable consideration” is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). Public databases show UC San Diego professors have developed numerous patents, held by the University of California, using aborted fetal body parts. The University of California’s total patent invention revenue for 2021-2022 was over $127 million.

Contact: David Daleiden, media@centerformedicalprogress.org, 949.734.0859


France recently became the world's first country to enshrine abortion in its constitution. As this law went into effect, a mass celebration was held, and the words “#MyBodyMyChoice” were projected on the Eiffel Tower. In a pregnancy, there are two lives, and both of those lives – the mother and the child – deserve protection and care. This is grim news from France, but there is hope. I’ve seen over and over that when people see the truth about abortion, they change their minds. Our world is being brainwashed, but the truth shines regardless. We just need to share the truth.


  • Recently I joined the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America’s podcast miniseries EXPOSED: Abortion in America to continue to call for justice for the five children found at the Washington Surgi-Clinic who apparently died from an illegal late term abortion in Washington DC. I continue to stand for life.
  • omb.gov is the web site resulting from the Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act. This is a huge step for ending government waste and allowing the American people to see how their tax dollars are spent. For the first time, there is now an online tool that allows Americans to search for information quickly and easily about every federal program that provides grants, loans, or direct payments.

PRIESTS FOR LIFE / 3-13-2024

Priests for Life is celebrating Pro-Life Women in History through a special project of Stand True, our youth outreach. Visit www.ProLifeWomenInHistory.com each day this month to see who we are highlighting and to read a bit about her. please spread the word about this project, so that those who labor in the pro-life movement may know the inspiring history of this cause, learn from its successes and failures, and appreciate more deeply the great shoulders on which they stand.


The Tennessee House Education Instruction Committee approved a bill on Tuesday that would require that public schools include an approved preborn child development ultrasound or computer animation as part of the state-required family life curriculum. House Bill 2435 lists Live Action’s “Meet Baby Olivia” as an example of a computer animation that would meet the bill’s requirements. Schools could choose to show a different three-minute animation or high-resolution ultrasound, according to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gino Bulso. If this bill is signed into law, schools will begin using fetal development videos in the 2024-2025 school year. A similar bill was enacted in North Dakota last year, and others have also been introduced in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri, and Iowa. The bills, along with the “Baby Olivia” video itself, have come under heavy attack from pro-abortion groups. The Associated Press painted the video as a pro-life political move and used pro-abortion sources to attempt to discredit the video.


The Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court explained that the state's Wrongful Death Act and the Alabama constitution's Human Life Amendment protect embryonic children involved in the IVF process. He also clearly explained what the ruling meant for the IVF industry.

"To exclude the unborn from § 36.06's protection, the Legislature would have to do so very clearly and for a reason that is consistent with upholding the sanctity of life ...It is for the Legislature to decide how the IVF industry can help parents have children. The Legislature is free to do so in any way it decides, provided that it comports with the Alabama Constitution, including the Sanctity of Unborn Life Amendment."  Immediately, the abortion industrial complex kicked into high gear and almost everyone, with the exception of a few principled pro-lifers, turned on the Alabama Supreme Court and acted as if having completely unregulated IVF was critical to health care. But that is a lie. Currently, US IVF clinics are completely unregulated and exploit women (egg donors and surrogate mothers) and embryonic children, treating them as property to be manufactured and disposed of at will.

With both former President Trump and President Biden criticizing the Alabama Supreme Court and calling on the legislature to "preserve" IVF, the overwhelmingly Republican Alabama state legislature rushed into session and passed a bill granting complete immunity to IVF clinics. Shamefully, Alabama's Republican governor signed the bill in a legally dubious attempt to overturn the supreme court's decision.

But the abortion-loving IVF industry, like Big Pharma and other industries with muscular lobbyists, was not happy with the total immunity they were granted. No, they are now demanding, not just that the IVF clinics operate without liability, but also that the embryos themselves be affirmatively stripped of their personhood.

FRANK PAVONE / 3-19-2024

This year thirty-four Senate seats are up for grabs in November, as is the entire House. It’s time to win pro-life majorities in both. We need to elect public servants who understand the difference between serving the public and killing the public, and who understand that attempting to save a child’s life should not be a federal crime. The overturning of Roe v. Wade put us on the road to vanquishing abortion.

We must continue to fight for that goal because, as Mother Teresa boldly proclaimed at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast:

“The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”


In the early 1800s, Louis Joseph Dufilho, Jr., of New Orleans, became America’s first licensed pharmacist.

With slogans like "On the corner of happy and healthy" and "Health is everything" major pharmacy chains such as Walgreens and CVS call back to that history yet are choosing to deviate from that longstanding moral path by deciding to sell the abortion pill.

Walgreens Boot Alliance, Inc. and CVS Health Corp. have both announced plans to dispense chemical abortion drugs along with several other national pharmacy chains. This announcement follows a 2023 decision by the FDA to allow retail pharmacies to dispense abortion pills. 

These pharmacies are choosing to become abortion facilities, filling bottles with deadly poison meant to end the life of a child along with blood pressure and allergy medication.

Since this announcement, many pro-life organizations, including Live Action, have pushed back against these corporations, and the pressure is working. Last year, Walgreens made a statement that they would not sell the pill in the 21 pro-life states where it would be illegal.


St. Joseph, Defender of Life, pray for us! 

Chemical abortions are now the most common form of abortion in the United States. A pro-life medical group "Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine" has challenged the FDA decisions in 2016 and 2021 that made the abortion pills more widely available. The changes that resulted from these FDA decisions included allowing the drugs to be used through the 10th week of pregnancy rather than the 7th week, allowing health-care providers who are not physicians to prescribe the abortion drug, and permitting the pills to be dispensed by mail or retail pharmacy instead of under in-person medical supervision.

Last year, a devout Catholic Texas judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, ruled that the FDA's changes were invalid, restoring the original safeguards on these dangerous drugs. However, the Biden administration petitioned the Supreme Court to maintain the status-quo until the case could be appealed this Spring.

If the Supreme Court upholds the Texas decision, it will have a huge impact on the use of chemical abortion in the United States by preventing mail-order abortionists from circumventing pro-life laws, protecting women from the dangerous side-effects of unsupervised abortions, and checking the exponential growth of chemical abortion in our neighborhood pharmacies and schools.


The debate about in vitro fertilization (IVF) came into sharp focus recently when the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos qualify as children under the state law. The Catholic Church teaches clearly that IVF is “morally unacceptable.” Infertility is a painful reality for many married couples who are wondering why they cannot use IVF and other assisted means of procreation to have children.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an artificial reproductive technology. Although couples are typically well-intentioned when pursuing IVF, the procedure is fraught with moral and ethical problems. Children are gifts from God, not products to be manufactured in a laboratory. While procedures which assist natural marital intercourse in the conception of a child are moral, procedures which add a third party to conception or substitute a laboratory for intercourse are immoral.


The Catholic opposition to IVF can be difficult to understand, given that the Church encourages married couples to have children. However, the Church also teaches that sexual intercourse cannot be separated from reproduction. Unfortunately, IVF eliminates the marital embrace to achieve pregnancy. In other words, the man and woman separately provide the raw materials of the egg and the sperm, which are then manipulated in a laboratory to conceive children.

The Church teaches that not only is human life sacred, but also the means by which human life comes into existence. When IVF is used, children are essentially manufactured externally. In addition, the laboratory process creates more human embryos than will be implanted into the woman. These embryos are frozen indefinitely or discarded, options that are tantamount to abortion.

In Dignitas Personae, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) explains:

The Church recognizes the legitimacy of the desire for a child and understands the suffering of couples struggling with problems of fertility. Such a desire, however, should not override the dignity of every human life to the point of absolute supremacy. The desire for a child cannot justify the “production” of offspring, just as the desire not to have a child cannot justify the abandonment or destruction of a child once he or she has been conceived. Men, women, and children deserve better than to be dehumanized through IVF. There are other Catholic-friendly alternatives to IVF for married couples struggling with infertility, let alone the Church’s support for the adoption of children.


The following information is in reference to the lawsuit filed in New York State challenging the Reproductive Health Act.

Victims Challenge New York's Reproductive Health Act in Historic Lawsuit

In January 2019, New York enacted the RHA. The changes include a new definition of "person" under New York criminal law. New York now excludes all unborn children, including viable unborn children—or fetuses capable of surviving outside the womb, with or without medical intervention—from the legal definition of "persons" who can be victims of homicide. This change alters nearly two hundred years of New York law.  The women are represented by attorneys serving as special counsel to Women's Alliance Against Violence, a new initiative of the Thomas More Society to challenge laws that enable violence against women and children.

Smith, et al vs. Hochul, et al

Relevant portions of the legal challenge to NY’s Reproductive Health Act (spearheaded by FCLNY) continues on appeal before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and is potentially one step closer to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The appeal involved in Smith vs. Hochul is ultimately asking the Court to: 

(1) Recognize a right to life for viable unborn children under the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and (2) identify who can speak on behalf of the viable unborn in a court of law; exactly who can present their claim to life- their right to live free from violent destruction.

This case is a fight for the voiceless. It represents an opportunity to rehumanize some children, an opportunity to protect more kids from death. Stand by for more on this in 2024.

Oral argument has been scheduled on the matter, for March 2, in NYC before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  


Michele Sterlace, JD, LLM
Feminists Choosing Life of New York , Inc.
Executive Director
(716) 864-1454


Walgreens y CVS han anunciado que comenzarán a dispensar la mortal píldora abortiva este mes. La medida se produce más de un año después de que la FDA anunciara que las farmacias minoristas pueden dispensar medicamentos letales con receta y venderlos junto con medicamentos farmacéuticos, como antibióticos.
La verdadera atención médica cura; no mata. Desde su aprobación por la FDA en 2000, la píldora abortiva ha provocado la muerte de 5,6 millones de niños no nacidos y ha perjudicado a innumerables mujeres.

Un nuevo artículo del Washington Post ataca la nueva legislación introducida en varios estados, que intenta garantizar que los estudiantes tengan acceso a vídeos que muestren con precisión el desarrollo fetal. Este artículo se suma a una crítica anterior publicada por Associated Press. Iowa se ha convertido en el último estado, sumándose a Dakota del Norte y Virginia Occidental, en promover una legislación que exige que videos como “Baby Olivia” de Live Action se muestren a estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria. “Baby Olivia” utiliza una animación realista e innovadora para representar información médicamente precisa sobre la vida en el útero, desde el momento de la fertilización hasta el nacimiento, e incluye puntos importantes en el crecimiento y desarrollo del feto durante cada semana de embarazo.

Un senador estatal republicano tiene un proyecto de ley monstruoso que niega explícitamente la humanidad de los embriones congelados: https://nystateofpolitics.com/state-of-politics/new-york/politics/2024/03/06/gop-led-nys-ivf -bill-facing-some-pushback Científicamente ignorante y completamente desalmado.
Actualmente no existe ninguna disposición en la ley del estado de Nueva York que aclare que los embriones congelados creados para procedimientos de fertilización in vitro no están clasificados como personas. El senador estatal Jack Martins, republicano por Old Westbury, ha presentado una legislación para lograrlo.

• Solicitud de registros públicos para documentos de UC San Diego muestra que Planned Parenthood suministra fetos abortados “de propiedad exclusiva” manteniendo al mismo tiempo los derechos sobre la “propiedad intelectual” obtenida a partir de ellos.
SAN DIEGO, 5 de marzo—Documentos nunca antes vistos publicados bajo una solicitud de registros públicos muestran que Planned Parenthood transfirió partes del cuerpo fetal abortado “de propiedad” a UC San Diego explícitamente por “consideración valiosa” (una violación de la ley federal) a cambio de la propiedad. de las “patentes” y la “propiedad intelectual” de la universidad desarrolladas experimentando con ellas. La transferencia de cualquier tejido fetal humano abortado a cambio de “una contraprestación valiosa” es un delito federal punible con hasta 10 años de prisión o una multa de hasta 500.000 dólares (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). Las bases de datos públicas muestran que los profesores de UC San Diego han desarrollado numerosas patentes, propiedad de la Universidad de California, utilizando partes del cuerpo de fetos abortados. Los ingresos totales por invenciones por patentes de la Universidad de California para 2021-2022 superaron los 127 millones de dólares.
Contacto: David Daleiden, media@centerformedicalprogress.org, 949.734.0859

Francia se convirtió recientemente en el primer país del mundo en consagrar el aborto en su constitución. Cuando esta ley entró en vigor, se llevó a cabo una celebración masiva y se proyectaron las palabras “#MyBodyMyChoice” en la Torre Eiffel. En un embarazo hay dos vidas, y ambas vidas –la madre y el niño– merecen protección y cuidado. Éstas son malas noticias procedentes de Francia, pero hay esperanza. He visto una y otra vez que cuando la gente ve la verdad sobre el aborto, cambia de opinión. A nuestro mundo le están lavando el cerebro, pero la verdad brilla de todos modos. Sólo necesitamos compartir la verdad.

• Recientemente me uní a la miniserie de podcasts de Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America EXPOSED: Abortion in America para continuar pidiendo justicia para los cinco niños encontrados en Washington Surgi-Clinic que aparentemente murieron a causa de un aborto ilegal tardío en Washington DC. Sigo defendiendo la vida.
• fpi.omb.gov es el sitio web resultante de la Ley del Derecho a la Información de los Contribuyentes. Este es un gran paso para acabar con el despilfarro gubernamental y permitir que el pueblo estadounidense vea cómo se gasta el dinero de sus impuestos. Por primera vez, existe ahora una herramienta en línea que permite a los estadounidenses buscar información rápida y fácilmente sobre cada programa federal que ofrece subvenciones, préstamos o pagos directos.

Priests for Life celebra a las mujeres provida en la historia a través de un proyecto especial de Stand True, nuestro programa de extensión juvenil. Visite www.ProLifeWomenInHistory.com todos los días de este mes para ver a quién destacamos y leer un poco sobre ella. Por favor, haga correr la voz sobre este proyecto, para que quienes trabajan en el movimiento provida puedan conocer la inspiradora historia de esta causa, aprender de sus éxitos y fracasos y apreciar más profundamente los grandes hombros sobre los que se apoyan.

El Comité de Instrucción Educativa de la Cámara de Representantes de Tennessee aprobó el martes un proyecto de ley que requeriría que las escuelas públicas incluyan una ecografía o animación por computadora aprobada para el desarrollo del niño prenato como parte del plan de estudios de vida familiar requerido por el estado. El Proyecto de Ley 2435 incluye “Meet Baby Olivia” de Live Action como un ejemplo de animación por computadora que cumpliría con los requisitos del proyecto de ley. Las escuelas podrían optar por mostrar una animación diferente de tres minutos o una ecografía de alta resolución, según el patrocinador del proyecto de ley, el representante Gino Bulso. Si este proyecto de ley se convierte en ley, las escuelas comenzarán a utilizar videos sobre el desarrollo fetal en el año escolar 2024-2025. El año pasado se promulgó un proyecto de ley similar en Dakota del Norte, y también se han presentado otros en Virginia Occidental, Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri e Iowa. Los proyectos de ley, junto con el propio vídeo de “Baby Olivia”, han sido objeto de fuertes ataques por parte de grupos proaborto. Associated Press describió el video como un movimiento político provida y utilizó fuentes proaborto para intentar desacreditarlo.

El presidente del Tribunal Supremo de Alabama explicó que la Ley de Muerte Injusta del estado y la Enmienda a la Vida Humana de la constitución de Alabama protegen a los niños embrionarios involucrados en el proceso de FIV. También explicó claramente lo que significaba el fallo para la industria de la FIV.
"Para excluir a los no nacidos de la protección del § 36.06, la Legislatura tendría que hacerlo muy claramente y por una razón que sea consistente con la defensa de la santidad de la vida... Corresponde a la Legislatura decidir cómo la industria de la FIV puede ayudar "Los padres tienen hijos. La Legislatura es libre de hacerlo en cualquier forma que decida, siempre que sea compatible con la Constitución de Alabama, incluida la Enmienda a la Santidad de la Vida No Nacida."  Inmediatamente, el complejo industrial del aborto se aceleró y casi todos, con la excepción de unos pocos defensores de la vida con principios, se volvieron contra la Corte Suprema de Alabama y actuaron como si tener una FIV completamente desregulada fuera fundamental para la atención médica. Pero eso es mentira. Actualmente, las clínicas de FIV de Estados Unidos no están reguladas en absoluto y explotan a las mujeres (donantes de óvulos y madres sustitutas) y a los niños embrionarios, tratándolos como propiedad que se puede fabricar y desechar a voluntad.
Mientras tanto el expresidente Trump como el presidente Biden criticaban a la Corte Suprema de Alabama y pedían a la legislatura que "preservara" la FIV, la legislatura del estado de Alabama, abrumadoramente republicana, se apresuró a sesionar y aprobó un proyecto de ley que otorgaba inmunidad completa a las clínicas de FIV. Vergonzosamente, el gobernador republicano de Alabama firmó el proyecto de ley en un intento legalmente dudoso de revocar la decisión de la Corte Suprema.
Pero la industria de la FIV amante del aborto, al igual que las grandes farmacéuticas y otras industrias con poderosos lobbystas, no estaban contentas con la inmunidad total que se les concedía. No, ahora exigen no sólo que las clínicas de FIV funcionen sin responsabilidad, sino también que los propios embriones sean despojados de su personalidad.

FRANK PAVONE / 19-3-2024
Este año, en noviembre estarán en juego treinta y cuatro escaños en el Senado, al igual que toda la Cámara. Es hora de ganar mayorías provida en ambos. Necesitamos elegir servidores públicos que comprendan la diferencia entre servir al público y matar al público, y que comprendan que intentar salvar la vida de un niño no debería ser un delito federal. La anulación del caso Roe v. Wade nos puso en el camino de derrotar al aborto.
Debemos continuar luchando por ese objetivo porque, como proclamó audazmente la Madre Teresa en el Desayuno Nacional de Oración de 1994:
“El mayor destructor de la paz hoy es el aborto, porque es una guerra contra el niño, un asesinato directo del niño inocente, un asesinato cometido por la propia madre. Y si aceptamos que una madre puede matar incluso a su propio hijo, ¿cómo podemos decirle a otras personas que no se maten entre sí?

A principios del siglo XIX, Louis Joseph Dufilho, Jr., de Nueva Orleans, se convirtió en el primer farmacéutico autorizado de Estados Unidos.
Con lemas como "En la esquina de la felicidad y la salud" y "La salud lo es todo", las principales cadenas farmacéuticas como Walgreens y CVS recuerdan esa historia, pero deciden desviarse de ese camino moral de larga data al decidir vender la píldora abortiva.
Walgreens Boot Alliance, Inc. y CVS Health Corp. han anunciado planes para dispensar medicamentos abortivos químicos junto con otras cadenas farmacéuticas nacionales. Este anuncio sigue a una decisión de 2023 de la FDA de permitir que las farmacias minoristas dispensen píldoras abortivas.
Estas farmacias están optando por convertirse en centros de aborto, llenando frascos con un veneno mortal destinado a acabar con la vida de un niño junto con medicamentos para la presión arterial y las alergias.
Desde este anuncio, muchas organizaciones provida, incluida Live Action, han rechazado a estas corporaciones, y la presión está funcionando. El año pasado, Walgreens hizo una declaración de que no vendería la píldora en los 21 estados provida donde sería ilegal.

San José, Defensor de la Vida, ¡ruega por nosotros!
Los abortos químicos son ahora la forma más común de aborto en los Estados Unidos. Un grupo médico provida, la "Alianza para la Medicina Hipocrática", ha impugnado las decisiones de la FDA de 2016 y 2021 que hicieron que las píldoras abortivas estuvieran más disponibles. Los cambios que resultaron de estas decisiones de la FDA incluyeron permitir que los medicamentos se usen hasta la décima semana de embarazo en lugar de la séptima semana, lo que permite proveedores de atención médica que no sean médicos prescriban el medicamento abortivo, y permitir que las píldoras se entreguen por correo o en una farmacia minorista en lugar de bajo supervisión médica en persona.
El año pasado, un devoto juez católico de Texas, Matthew Kacsmaryk, dictaminó que los cambios de la FDA no eran válidos, restableciendo las salvaguardias originales sobre estos peligrosos medicamentos. Sin embargo, la administración Biden solicitó a la Corte Suprema que mantuviera el status quo hasta que el caso pudiera ser apelado esta primavera.
Si la Corte Suprema confirma la decisión de Texas, tendrá un enorme impacto en el uso del aborto químico en los Estados Unidos al impedir que los abortistas por correo eludan las leyes provida, protegiendo a las mujeres de los peligrosos efectos secundarios de los abortos no supervisados, y frenar el crecimiento exponencial del aborto químico en las farmacias y escuelas de nuestro barrio.

El debate sobre la fertilización in vitro (FIV) cobró gran atención recientemente cuando la Corte Suprema de Alabama dictaminó que los embriones congelados califican como niños según la ley estatal. La Iglesia Católica enseña claramente que la FIV es “moralmente inaceptable”. La infertilidad es una realidad dolorosa para muchas parejas casadas que se preguntan por qué no pueden utilizar la FIV y otros medios de procreación asistida para tener hijos.
La fertilización in vitro (FIV) es una tecnología de reproducción artificial. Aunque las parejas suelen tener buenas intenciones cuando optan por la FIV, el procedimiento está plagado de problemas morales y éticos. Los niños son regalos de Dios, no productos que se fabrican en un laboratorio. Si bien los procedimientos que ayudan a las relaciones maritales naturales en la concepción de un hijo son morales, los procedimientos que añaden un tercero a la concepción o sustituyen las relaciones sexuales por un laboratorio son inmorales.

La oposición católica a la FIV puede ser difícil de entender, dado que la Iglesia anima a las parejas casadas a tener hijos. Sin embargo, la Iglesia también enseña que las relaciones sexuales no pueden separarse de la reproducción. Lamentablemente, la FIV elimina el abrazo conyugal para lograr el embarazo. En otras palabras, el hombre y la mujer aportan por separado las materias primas del óvulo y el espermatozoide, que luego son manipulados en un laboratorio para concebir hijos.
La Iglesia enseña que no sólo es sagrada la vida humana, sino también los medios por los cuales la vida humana llega a existir. Cuando se utiliza la FIV, los niños son esencialmente fabricados externamente. Además, el proceso de laboratorio crea más embriones humanos de los que se implantarán en la mujer. Estos embriones se congelan indefinidamente o se descartan, opciones que equivalen al aborto.

En Dignitas Personae, la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe (CDF) explica:

La Iglesia reconoce la legitimidad del deseo de tener un hijo y comprende el sufrimiento de las parejas que luchan por problemas de fertilidad. Sin embargo, tal deseo no debería anular la dignidad de cada vida humana hasta el punto de alcanzar la supremacía absoluta. El deseo de tener un hijo no puede justificar la “producción” de descendencia, del mismo modo que el deseo de no tener un hijo no puede justificar el abandono o la destrucción de un niño una vez que ha sido concebido. Hombres, mujeres y niños merecen algo mejor que ser deshumanizados mediante la FIV. Existen otras alternativas católicas a la FIV para parejas casadas que luchan contra la infertilidad, y mucho menos el apoyo de la Iglesia a la adopción de niños.

La siguiente información hace referencia a la demanda presentada en el estado de Nueva York impugnando la Ley de Salud Reproductiva.

Las víctimas impugnan la Ley de salud reproductiva de Nueva York en una demanda histórica

En enero de 2019, Nueva York promulgó la RHA. Los cambios incluyen una nueva definición de "persona" según la ley penal de Nueva York. Nueva York excluye ahora a todos los niños no nacidos, incluidos los no nacidos viables (o fetos capaces de sobrevivir fuera del útero, con o sin intervención médica) de la definición legal de "personas" que pueden ser víctimas de homicidio. Este cambio altera casi doscientos años de ley de Nueva York. Las mujeres están representadas por abogados que actúan como asesores especiales de la Alianza de Mujeres Contra la Violencia, una nueva iniciativa de la Sociedad Thomas More para desafiar las leyes que permiten la violencia contra mujeres y niños.

Smith y otros contra Hochul y otros

Partes relevantes de la impugnación legal a la Ley de Salud Reproductiva de Nueva York (encabezada por FCLNY) continúan en apelación ante el Tribunal de Apelaciones del Segundo Circuito y potencialmente están un paso más cerca de la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos.

La apelación involucrada en Smith vs. Hochul solicita en última instancia al Tribunal que:

(1) Reconocer el derecho a la vida de los niños no nacidos viables según la 14ª enmienda de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, y (2) identificar quién puede hablar en nombre de los no nacidos viables en un tribunal de justicia; exactamente quién puede presentar su reclamo de vida: su derecho a vivir libre de destrucción violenta.

Este caso es una lucha por los que no tienen voz. Representa una oportunidad para rehumanizar a algunos niños, una oportunidad para proteger a más niños de la muerte. Esté atento a más información sobre esto en 2024.

Se ha programado un alegato oral sobre el asunto para el 2 de marzo en Nueva York ante el Tribunal de Apelaciones del Segundo Circuito.

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