Contacts:  Fr. Arthur F. Rojas or Mrs. Colleen Toder at

June 20, 2024, Woodstock, New York -  

At the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee's general meeting held on June 18th at St. John's Church, Woodstock, New York, the regular order of business was suspended at the start of the session to announce the three winners of the Committee's 2024 Respect Life Essay Contest:  Brennen Banbury (7th and 8th Grade section), Luke Railing (High School section), and Michael Patrick Griffin (College section).  In addition to certificates for the occasion, our winners will be awarded cash prizes for their prize-winning compositions.  Exulted Dcn. John Carr, Deputy Moderator of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (U.D.R.L.C.), "Praise God for these young men and all the other participants for striving to make the case for the pro-life cause to the best of their ability."  About 30 delegates from various Catholic parishes in Ulster County along with representatives of the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel (Kingston, N.Y.) and the Bruderhof Communities were present for the meeting, which included the awards ceremony.  "Thanks to the hospitality of Fr. Thomas Kiely, pastor, and the delegates of St. John's Church at Woodstock, our organization will have met at 13 out of 14 Catholic parishes in Ulster County over the last three years, thus spreading the reach of the Catholic pro-life movement in our county," observed Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the U.D.R.L.C.

Pursuant to criteria set forth by the Essay Contest Team (Mrs. Colleen Toder, Chairwoman) and approved by the Committee, contestants wrote essays in answer to questions oriented specifically to categories of 7th and 8th graders, high school students, and college students who were parishioners of Catholic parishes in Ulster County.  The high school section was opened also to all students of the Mount Academy, which is an institution of the Bruderhof Communities, which are allies of the U.D.R.L.C.  Thus, Brennen Banbury's essay was directed to "What lessons from the saints can help young people understand what it means to respect human life from conception to natural death?"  Luke Railing's composition addressed the question, "How can respect for human life at all stages of development help a young person understand how to respect his or her sexual powers?"  In light of the controversial Proposition One planned for the November ballot in New York, Michael Griffin's paper focused on "How can you help persuade your peers that respect for human life requires that we protect the unborn while loving and helping mothers in need?"  The actual essays are available for reading at the U.D.R.L.C.'s website: 

Brennen Banbury is a parishioner of St. Joseph's Church in Kingston and a student at Kingston Catholic School.  Luke Railing is a parishioner of St. Augustine Church at Highland and a home-schooled student at the high school level.  Michael P. Griffin is a parishioner of St. Mary & St. Andrew's Church at Ellenville and a student at SUNY-Ulster.  Mr. Griffin is also Vice President Emeritus of the Ulster Community College Students for Life, which is an affiliate of the U.D.R.L.C.  Of the winners and, indeed, of all the participants, Mrs. Colleen Toder remarked, "The Essay Contest Team was thoroughly impressed with the quality of all the entries and is encouraged by their passion and eloquence.  The future is pro-life, and our students are already taking the lead." 

The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee coordinates the pro-life activities of Catholics from various Catholic parishes of the Ulster Deanery of the Archdiocese of New York, which is coterminous with Ulster County.  The U.D.R.L.C. has a working relationship with the Bruderhof Communities and other groups such as the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel, which is located on the grounds of Immaculate Conception Church (Kingston) and is the northernmost Perpetual Adoration chapel in the Archdiocese of New York. 

The pictures attached - credit to Robert Smith, Jr. - are of Fr. Rojas and Mrs. Toder flanking Brennen Banbury, who read his essay at the meeting, and then of young Master Banbury being joined by his proud parents Nicholas and Lori as well as Fr. Rojas and Mrs. Toder.  Master Banbury's essay dwelled on the service by St. Teresa of Calcutta to the poorest of the poor and the fellowship of St. Francis of Assisi with all of God's majestic creation.

Learn more about the U.D.R.L.C., including future announcements of the 2025 Essay Contest, at:



June 8, 2024 -  The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (U.D.R.L.C.), which coordinates the Catholic pro-life movement in Ulster County (, received the news of the failure of A.995/S.2445 (a.k.a. "Medical Aid in Dying") in the legislative session at Albany with joy over a desire to protect our disabled, elderly, poor, and friendless New Yorkers from a prescription of death to their maladies. Explained Dcn. John Carr, Deputy Moderator of the U.D.R.L.C., "Anticipating the return of pro-euthanasia forces to Albany in the next session, our Committee intends to keep advocating for the lives of our sick, elderly, disabled, and lonely neighbors against the false compassion of "assisted suicide" as the cure for their ills."  

During the legislative contention over the "assisted suicide" bill at Albany and in public opinion, the U.D.R.L.C. exhorted Ulster County residents via cooperating Catholic parishes in Ulster County and allies such as the Bruderhof Communities to contact the state legislators representing Ulster County with their opposition to the bill as well as conveying such opposition locally and at Albany, most notably at a rally earlier this spring by the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide.  "We have raised consciousness in different corners of Ulster through efforts of prayer, distribution of signs and literature, alerts to the Catholic faithful, our website (, and approaching state legislators and/or their staffs both locally and at Albany," stated Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the U.D.R.L.C.  The cooperation of local organizations such as the Ladies Auxiliary of the local Ancient Order of Hibernians in writing to a number of legislators was noted as was a Letter to the Editor by U.D.R.L.C. Secretary Trevor Jones to at least one newspaper in Ulster County.  Furthermore, the U.D.R.L.C. was in regular contact with the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of New York since Ulster County is one of the northernmost counties of the Archdiocese.  The U.D.R.L.C. cited Assemblyman Brian Maher and Senator Peter Oberacker as especially receptive to the arguments and witness of pro-life Ulsterites.  "We will continue to hope and pray for the conversion of the other state legislators representing parts of Ulster County towards supporting the human rights of those who need help and not harm," declared Fr. Rojas, who is also the pastor of Presentation-Sacred Heart Parish (Port Ewen-Esopus, N.Y.).

Among its various activities on behalf of the pro-life cause, the U.D.R.L.C. is gearing itself to join opposing forces to the so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" that may appear on the November ballot as a proposed addition to the New York state constitution.  "Just as euthanasia is marketed as "assisted suicide" or "death with dignity" to attract public support by masking the grim reality, so does the proposed "Equal Rights Amendment" aim to enshrine abortion-on-demand until birth as well as to undermine parental rights over the medical care of their children on abortion and gender dysphoria, due to the text of the proposal," asserted Fr. Rojas.  Chimed in Dcn. Carr, "New Yorkers of all faiths and even of no religious faith who shun extreme attacks on parental rights or on the humanity of preborn children should vote NO on this proposal on November 5th."

The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee coordinates the pro-life activities, both spiritual and practical, of Catholics throughout the various parishes of Ulster County.  The Committee also is concerned with issues of family and the common good and is open to cooperating with organizations with shared values and interests. 

The picture attached to this release was taken at the rally of the New York State Alliance Against Assisted Suicide at the Empire State Plaza at Albany on March 12, 2024.


The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee ( is sponsoring a bus to go to the New York State March for Life, which is scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2024 at Albany.  Our bus will be leaving from Presentation Church, 209 Hoyt Street, Port Ewen, New York at 9:45 a.m.  Participants may leave their cars in the parish parking lot. 

Seats must be reserved as soon as possible (first come, first served) at $30 each with the following information BEFOREHAND sent to : Full name, contact telephone number, parish affiliation, and age.  Minors may go ONLY if accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.  Payment in cash or check made to Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.  All marchers must be able to walk the route without a walker or a cane.

 In addition, Holy Mass will be offered at Presentation Church beforehand that day at 8:30 a.m.  All people of good will, whether going or not, are welcome to attend the Mass.  For more information, call Dcn. John Carr at (845) 527-9078.  We earnestly request all pastors of Catholic parishes in Ulster County as well as leaders of other affiliates of the Committee to publicize this information to their congregants and members.

For more information about the March for Life NY event click this link ---> March for Life NY


For Immediate Release

The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee announces the Winners of the 2024 Respect Life Essay Contest at its May 21 meeting.

Students at all Catholic parishes in Ulster County in 7th and 8th grade, high school or college were encouraged to enter the Contest, as well as high school students at the Mount Academy in Esopus.

The 7th-8th Grade Level asked the students to write about lessons from the saints that can encourage young people to respect life from conception to natural death. The Winner of the $150 Prize was Brennen Banbury, a parishioner of St. Joseph Parish in Kingston and a student at Kingston Catholic School.

The High School students were asked to explain how respect for human life at all stages of development can help young people respect their own sexual powers. The Winner of the $250 Prize was Luke Railing, a parishioner of St. Augustine Parish in Highland and a homeschooled student.

The College prompt asked students to consider how best to convince their peers that New York State should not enshrine abortion as a right in our state constitution. The Winner of the $400 Prize was Michael Patrick Griffin, a parishioner of St. Mary/St. Andrew in Ellenville and a student at SUNY Ulster.

The Winners will be awarded their Prizes and a Certificate of Award at the June meeting of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC)

"The winners of our Essay Contest represent a budding hope of pro-life Ulster youth among the Catholics of our county," proclaimed Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the UDRLC. 

Colleen Toder, Chair of the Essay Contest Committee, agreed. "The Contest Committee was thoroughly impressed with the quality of all the entries and is encouraged by their passion and eloquence. The future is pro-life, and our students are already taking the lead," she said.

To read their submissions, please click on the links below!
Brennen Banbury Essay 7th 8th Submission.pdf Brennen Banbury Essay 7th 8th Submission.pdf
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Luke Railing Essay High School Submission.pdf Luke Railing Essay High School Submission.pdf
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U.D.R.L.C.'s 40 Hour Devotion Draws Hundreds to Plattekill for Eucharistic Adoration Tied to        Pro-Life Cause in N.Y.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 19, 2026 - Plattekill, N.Y.

CONTACTFr. Arthur Rojas at (845) 514-3703



Plattekill, N.Y. -  As the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (U.D.R.L.C.) seeks to amplify the participation of Catholics in Ulster County along with allies such as the Bruderhof Communities for the pro-life cause, the Committee's third annual Forty Hours Devotion of Solemn Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was moved to Our Lady of Fatima Church (Plattekill, N.Y) from April 11 to 13, after having been celebrated in November 2021 at Presentation Church (Port Ewen) and in April 2023 at St. Mary's Church (Kingston).  "In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision by the Supreme Court that remanded the issue of abortion-on-demand to the states in June 2022, the U.D.R.L.C. wanted to raise awareness that New York had legalized abortion on April 11, 1970, about three years before the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in January 1973," explained Robert D. Smith, Jr., a parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima Church who headed the hosting team of the Forty Hour Devotion at Plattekill.  "Given that abortion is firstly an issue of whom we treat as fully human in our society and from what point, our Committee believes that reparation must be made to God before we can seek justice for the preborn child and compassion for distressed expectant mothers in New York," stated Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the U.D.R.L.C.

Starting with a Mass of Exposition on the afternoon of April 11th celebrated by Fr. Rojas and concelebrated by Fr. Paul Jibrin, the priest stationed at Our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Sacrament (a consecrated Host containing the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) was exposed for adoration for 40 hours with the themes of reparation for the 54 years of legal abortion in New York, praying for the conversion of New Yorkers both high and low towards the pro-life cause, and for divine blessing of the efforts of Catholic and other prolifers in Ulster County and elsewhere towards defending human life and dignity from conception until natural death.  "It is impressive that hundreds of people within Ulster County and even from other places came to Plattekill throughout the forty hours, whether day or night, for this combination of Eucharistic adoration and the cause of social justice and human rights via the prolife cause," observed Fr. Rojas.  Added Mr. Smith, "The Spirit of God was palpable, you couldn't help but be moved.  The Forty Hours Devotion was life-changing" for many parishioners who participated.  

The Forty Hours Devotion concluded on the morning of Saturday, April 13th with Solemn Exposition by Fr. Jibrin and then the Mass of the morning.  The U.D.R.L.C. intends to carry the devotion into next year so long as abortion remains legal in New York state.  Indeed, the U.D.R.L.C. is active on other pro-life issues such as combating the threat of euthanasia with the proposed "assited suicide" bill pending in Albany (A.995/S.2445).  Finally, the Committee is readying itself to actively back the NO campaign on the "Equality Amendment" on the ballot this November that would enshrine abortion-on-demand in the state constitution.  A picture of the Forty Hours Devotion attached to this release can be seen below.
As covered by the Good Newsroom 
(News website of the Archdiocese of New York)

Annual Pro-Life Signature Ad in Daily Freeman (Kingston) Fills Two Pages of April 14 Issue, Exceeding 1,400 Names


By: The Good Newsroom

“The amount represents a gain of nine percent over the previous year’s ad in the Daily Freeman,” announced Father Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the UDRLC

Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the [http://www.ulsterdeaneryrespect]Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Photo courtesy of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.

Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the [http://www.ulsterdeaneryrespect]Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Photo courtesy of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.

KINGSTON — Two full pages of the Daily Freeman, the daily newspaper of Kingston, the county seat of Ulster County, featured the signatures of more than 1,400 individuals in support of the pro-life declaration of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee (UDRLC) on Sunday, April 14, in mournful commemoration of April 11, 1970, the date when abortion was legalized in New York by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. “The amount represents a gain of nine percent over the previous year’s ad in the Daily Freeman,” announced Father Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator-Spiritual Director of the UDRLC.

For decades, the UDRLC has made a practice of taking its “Signature Ad” annually on the pages of the Daily Freeman as a statement of protest and determination in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that established abortion on demand as a constitutional right across the United States, usually in the Sunday issue nearest to the January 22 anniversary of that ruling. “However, with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision of the U.S. Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade in 2022 and returning the abortion issue to the states,” stated Father Rojas, “our committee decided to raise awareness of the anniversary of April 11, 1970 as the start of the tragedy of abortion on demand in New York. In light of the “Equality Amendment” on the ballot in November seeking to enshrine abortion on demand in our state constitution, our Signature Ad this year is especially relevant and timely.”

The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee aims to coordinate the spiritual and practical pro-life activities of Catholics of the 14 parishes in Ulster County and allied people of good will such as the Bruderhof Communities.

The UDRLC intends to cooperate with New Yorkers of all faiths concerned over preborn human life and parental rights to urge Ulsterites and New Yorkers to vote no on the so-called “Equality Amendment” this November.

To participate in the 40 Hours for Life Adoration you can contact your parish representative or you may sign up individually on-line at:

Simply click on the green button and choose the time slot you would like to volunteer for. 

Either an email address or a cellphone number is required so that we can send you a reminder.

          The Eucharistic Jesus loves it when you visit Him! 

Stop by Our Lady of Fatima Church, 1250 State Route 32, Plattekill, New York for 40 hours of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! Sponsored by the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee and hosted by Our Lady of Fatima Parish. No preregistration required, just stop by, even if only for half an hour.

    U.D.R.L.C. Takes on Assisted Suicide Bill in Albany

3/12/24. Albany, New York -

Under the leadership of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee, a committed delegation of ten Ulster Catholics joined hundreds of New Yorkers at a rally today by the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center. In addition to our delegates being hosted by Assemb. Brian Maher on the floor of the Assembly chamber, a number of delegates went to register objections to the "Medical Aid in Dying" bill (A.995/S.2445) at the Albany offices of Assemb. Sarahana Shrestha and Sen. Michelle Hinchey. This rally also provided our Committee with an opportunity to raise our profile and to meet activists from different parts of New York State. "Our presence in Albany today is one more step towards more assertive advocacy for our disabled, elderly, lonely, and poor New Yorkers in a broad Prolife resistance to the prescription of death by political and corporate interests," stated Fr. Arthur Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee.   (Pictures were taken by Trevor Jones)


                                               Click on the link below to read the article with a subscription: 

                                       Response to Medical Aid in Dying bill published in Shawangunk Journal.

March For Life – Washington D.C.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Below, you will find a link to the Archdiocese of New York Respect Life Office '2024 March for Life' page.  Here you will find information regarding buses that are scheduled to depart from specific areas within the Archdiocese for those who would like to attend the 2024 March for Life in Washington D.C. .  There is also information regarding opportunities for local prayer and witness for this important date.  

March For Life - January 19th, 2024 - Washington D.C.


Jan. 5, 2024 (Esopus, N.Y.)  -  The Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee reminds Catholics and other Ulsterites of good will that Monday, January 22 is the annual National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children declared by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in light of the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973 that imposed abortion-on-demand across America.  Although the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June 2022 by the High Court returned the abortion issue to the states, our struggle continues to restore legal and social protection to preborn human children.  "That struggle is firstly spiritual and involves prayers or reparation as well as for the conversion of our beloved country to the Gospel of Life over the Culture of Death," stated by Fr. Arthur F. Rojas, Moderator and Spiritual Director of the Committee.

Thus, the Committee is pleased to note that a Special Mass for the National Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children will be offered on Monday, January 22nd at 11:30 a.m., Sacred Heart Church, 1055 Broadway, Esopus, New York.  Confessions will be heard from 10:45 to 11:15 a.m.  We encourage all Catholic parishes in Ulster County to publicize their observances of the National Day of Prayer and we welcome the prayers and other cooperation of Ulster residents of other religions.  



Stay tuned as the Ulster Deanery Respect Life Committee joins other New Yorkers of different faiths and even no faith to oppose this attempt to enshrine abortion-on-demand into our state constitution as a fundamental right.  In light of what happened in Ohio last fall, it is imperative that Catholics in Ulster County - clerics, religious, and lay people alike - lift our hands in prayer and our voices in advocacy against this hideous maneuver to grant constitutional status to the intrinsic evil and mortal sin of abortion, which denies the humanity of the preborn child, corrupts the practice of medicine and morality, strips parents of their right and duty to care for their minor children, and peddles a bloody and regretful answer to women and others who may be in distress.  Our Committee looks forward to cooperating with various groups and persons of pro-life good will or who care about the integrity of our state constitution or the rights of parents against this vile, inhumane amendment.



Abortion because “I don’t have a choice.”

Significant others, trusted friends, and parents often place heavy pressure on women to throw away God’s greatest gift:

# “You can’t even pay your bills. You can’t take care of yourself, let alone a baby.”

# “You’re too young. It will ruin your life if you keep the baby.”

# “You promised ME we wouldn’t have children.”

# “You have nowhere to live.”

# “You need to finish college first.”

# “You can’t bring a child into that kind of situation.”

Surveys indicate that, among women who’ve had abortions, 58% said they did so to “make someone else happy,” nearly 70% said they felt “pressure from others to abort,” and 66% said “they knew in their hearts they were making a mistake.” [Sidewalk Advocates for Life,] Pregnancy help centers NOW number over 3,000 in the U.S. and strive to assist women in unplanned pregnancies, to give them a choice they feel they don’t have. Adrianna Rowatti of Life Advocates of NJ Inc. states that dire financial straits and the fact that the fathers walk away are major abortion drivers. She believes that beyond the wonderful work of pregnancy support services, women need material and financial aid such as rent or security deposit, cell phone, furniture, grocery gift cards, car repairs, and more. Her group trains sidewalk counselors to rescue women from choosing abortion. They then aid pregnant moms financially and seek added support from groups such as Let Them Live ( In addition, Life Advocates issues a 16-page guide (in English and Spanish) that provides detailed information on sources of free baby essentials, transitional housing, emergency shelters, maternal & child health programs, and more for their NJ area. Rowatti says the greatest need at present is to bring on more volunteers. If interested, contact her at:


NOTE: 5-7-2024

Opill, the first over-the-counter birth control pill, is becoming available across the country, without a prescription. It’s to have birth control available directly to women without having to have the intervention of a physician or must show one’s personal identification to a pharmacist.



A short time ago the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a final rule that is a blatant attempt to force Priests for Life – along with every business owner in America – to help their radical abortion agenda. The rule applies to any company or employer with 15 or more employees. According to the EEOC’s rule, Priests for Life is required to provide an “accommodation” for an employee who might seek an abortion similar to any “accommodation” it would provide for an employee who may need time off, for example, related to pregnancy or childbirth. Put another way, Priests for Life would have to “accommodate” a female employee who wanted to abort her baby the same way we’d “accommodate” a mother who was about to give birth to her baby. This is a clear violation of our religious beliefs and principles. The EEOC’s rule is a direct attack on Priests for Life’s total commitment to protecting children in the womb from abortion. The rule is a direct violation of Priests for Life’s fundamental right to religious freedom protected by the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Consequently, Priests for Life will not comply with this rule as it would compel the organization to violate its moral conscience and core religious beliefs. If the Department of Justice or any other governmental entity seeks to enforce this rule against us, Priests for Life will immediately resist by filing a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the enforcement action.



Last month, Walgreens and CVS -- which run 18,690 drugstores combined -- began dispensing abortion pills in select stores. But protests have been effective! According to reports: "Walgreens and CVS, the two largest U.S. pharmacy chains, recently announced that they will begin offering the abortion pill mifepristone at select stores this month. Walgreens plans to sell the pill at locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, and Illinois, with hopes to expand to other locations and states soon. CVS will offer the pill in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and then expand to other states." (

The Catholic News Agency explains:

"Abortion pills that can end a pregnancy through 10 weeks' gestation will have far wider availability as CVS and Walgreens have announced they intend to fill prescriptions for the drug mifepristone, following federal rule changes on Tuesday." ( Why do CVS and Walgreens plan to facilitate the killing of innocent human life by dispensing abortion pills on a massive scale? Protests have been effective! In fact, Walgreens has given in to demands to stop selling abortion pills in some states. It's up to us to keep pushing until these store stop allowing abortion pills in all cases. Chemical abortion is NOT healthcare but rather a grave offense against God, the taking of innocent life, and the cause of spiritual and physical harm to the mother.


  1. An anti-abortion activist who led others on an invasion and blockade of a reproductive health clinic in the nation’s capital was sentenced on Tuesday to nearly five years in prison. Lauren Handy, 30, was among several people convicted of federal civil rights offenses for blockading access to the Washington Surgi-Clinic on Oct. 22, 2020. Handy and the eight others were charged with conspiracy against rights and violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. The federal law, more commonly known as the FACE Act, prohibits physically obstructing or using the threat of force to intimidate or interfere with a person seeking reproductive health services.
  2. Thousands of women in states with abortion bans and restrictions are receiving abortion pills in the mail from states that have laws protecting prescribers, a new report shows. Tuesday’s release of the #WeCount survey shows about 8,000 women a month in states that severely restrict abortion or place limits on having one through telehealth were getting the pills by mail by the end of 2023, the first time a number has been put on how often the medical system workaround is being used.
  3. A group of at least 17 Democratic attorneys general has formed a “reproductive rights working group” to expand abortion access and crack down on pregnancy resource centers across the country, according to reporting by The 19th, a pro-abortion news source. The group is being led by Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell. She said on Thursday that the group will serve as a “united effort” to “protect access to abortion across our country.” Over half of the states in the U.S. have restrictions on chemical abortion pills, while some states — such as Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona — have prohibited mailing the drugs altogether. On the opposite end of the spectrum, several states have passed so-called abortion “shield” laws. These laws vary in their extent and methods, but Massachusetts’ law is the only one to expressly protect chemical abortion providers from prosecution “regardless of the patient’s location. Besides cracking down on pregnancy centers, the Democratic attorneys general group also plans to help attorneys general establish “reproductive justice units” within their offices to focus on providing legal expertise regarding abortion.



Here in the Archdiocese of New York, our hope is that every parish community would participate in the Walking with Moms in Need initiative to support local pregnant and parenting mothers. To make this process easier, we have developed a new Parish Action Guide specifically for parishes in the Archdiocese of New York. Being a Walking with Moms in Need parish doesn't need to be complicated. Based on the local needs and resource gaps identified in the inventory process, discern what your parish’s response to support pregnant and parenting mothers will be.

- Is there a local pregnancy center that needs volunteers and financial support?

- Does your parish want to start a maternity/baby storeroom or diaper bank?

- Does the women’s group want to host a baby shower for a pregnant mother in your


- Is there a young mother who needs babysitters or help driving her children to school?


Contact the Respect Life Office! We are here to support you in your efforts! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have:

Sr. Anne Marie Elizabeth, SV

Respect Life Office, Director | 646-689-2613

Sr. Hope, SV

Respect Life Office, Assistant Director | 646-476-093



Albany’s Proposition One, AKA the Parent Replacement Act. While cloaked in the language of so-called “equality,” this amendment would:

  • GRANT constitutional protections to discriminatory practices like forcing girls and women to compete with biological boys and men.
  • STRIP parents of their rights to make crucial decisions about their children's health, education, and welfare.
  • ALLOW decisions about life-altering procedures concerning children to be made without parental consent.

Albany politicians want to replace parents so badly, that they rushed the proposition through the legislative process unconstitutionally, as ruled by the New York Supreme Court. However, New York Attorney General Letitia James is appealing the decision which is now likely to be overturned. So, parents’ rights and the safety of our children remain in jeopardy. Stand with us and say “No” to Proposition One, AKA the Parent Replacement Act!



A Night Prayer

Jesus Christ, my God, I adore You and thank You for all the graces You have given me this day. I offer You my sleep and all the moments of this night. I place myself and all my loved ones, wherever they may be, in Your sacred side and under the mantle of Our Blessed Mother. Let Your holy angels stand watch and keep us in peace. Amen.



Last week, I had the opportunity to share the pro-life message at the United Nations. Before I spoke, Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” video on fetal development was shown. it’s clear how much we need education on fetal development in public and private schools, homeschools, and community organizations. If we want to end abortion in our lifetime, young people must understand when human life begins and how it develops in the womb.

Recently, the governors of North Dakota and Tennessee signed legislation requiring “Baby Olivia” or a similar human development video to be shown to students in their states! This will ensure that over a million students will be educated about the dignity and worth of life in the womb. I am so encouraged to see how “Baby Olivia” is being used to inspire people throughout the world. When people encounter the obvious humanity of children in the womb, they change.


Aborto porque “no tengo otra opción”.
Las personas importantes, los amigos de confianza y los padres a menudo presionan fuertemente a las mujeres para que desperdicien el mayor regalo de Dios:
# “Ni siquiera puedes pagar tus cuentas. No puedes cuidar de ti misma, mucho menos de un bebé”.
# "Eres demasiado joven. Arruinará tu vida si te quedas con el bebé”.
# “Me prometiste que no tendríamos hijos”.
# “No tienes dónde vivir”.
# “Primero debes terminar la universidad”.
# “No se puede llevar a un niño a ese tipo de situación”.
Las encuestas indican que, entre las mujeres que abortaron, el 58% dijo que lo hizo para "hacer feliz a otra persona", casi el 70% dijo que sintió "presión de otros para abortar" y el 66% dijo que "lo sabían en su corazón". estaban cometiendo un error”. [Sidewalk Advocates for Life,] Los centros de ayuda para el embarazo AHORA suman más de 3000 en los EE. UU. y se esfuerzan por ayudar a las mujeres con embarazos no planificados, para darles una opción que sienten que no tienen. Adrianna Rowatti, de Life Advocates of NJ Inc., afirma que las graves dificultades financieras y el hecho de que los padres se retiren son los principales factores que impulsan el aborto. Ella cree que más allá del maravilloso trabajo de los servicios de apoyo al embarazo, las mujeres necesitan ayuda material y financiera como alquiler o depósito de seguridad, teléfono celular, muebles, tarjetas de regalo para comestibles, reparaciones de automóviles y más. Su grupo capacita a consejeros callejeros para rescatar a las mujeres de la elección del aborto. Luego ayudan económicamente a las madres embarazadas y buscan apoyo adicional de grupos como Let Them Live ( Además, Life Advocates publica una guía de 16 páginas (en inglés y español) que proporciona información detallada sobre fuentes de artículos básicos gratuitos para bebés, viviendas de transición, refugios de emergencia, programas de salud maternoinfantil y más para su área de Nueva Jersey. Rowatti dice que la mayor necesidad en este momento es atraer más voluntarios. Si está interesado, comuníquese con ella en:

NOTA: 5-7-2024
Opill, la primera píldora anticonceptiva de venta libre, está disponible en todo el país, sin receta. Es tener acceso a métodos anticonceptivos directamente para las mujeres sin necesidad de tener la intervención de un médico o mostrar su identificación personal a un farmacéutico.

Hace poco tiempo, la Comisión para la Igualdad de Oportunidades en el Empleo (EEOC, por sus siglas en inglés) publicó una regla final que es un intento descarado de obligar a Priests for Life –junto con todos los propietarios de negocios en Estados Unidos– a ayudar en su radical agenda abortista. La regla se aplica a cualquier empresa o empleador con 15 o más empleados. Según la regla de la EEOC, Priests for Life debe proporcionar una “adaptación” para un empleado que podría buscar un aborto similar a cualquier “adaptación” que proporcionaría a un empleado que pudiera necesitar tiempo libre, por ejemplo, relacionado con el embarazo o parto. Dicho de otra manera, Priests for Life tendría que “acomodar” a una empleada que quisiera abortar a su bebé de la misma manera que “acomodaríamos” a una madre que estaba a punto de dar a luz a su bebé. Esta es una clara violación de nuestras creencias y principios religiosos. La norma de la EEOC es un ataque directo al compromiso total de Priests for Life de proteger del aborto a los niños en el útero. La regla es una violación directa del derecho fundamental de Priests for Life a la libertad religiosa protegido por la Primera Enmienda y la Ley de Restauración de la Libertad Religiosa. En consecuencia, Priests for Life no cumplirá con esta regla, ya que obligaría a la organización a violar su conciencia moral y sus creencias religiosas fundamentales. Si el Departamento de Justicia o cualquier otra entidad gubernamental busca hacer cumplir esta regla contra nosotros, Priests for Life se resistirá inmediatamente presentando una demanda federal de derechos civiles impugnando la acción de cumplimiento.

El mes pasado, Walgreens y CVS, que administran 18.690 farmacias en conjunto, comenzaron a dispensar píldoras abortivas en tiendas selectas. ¡Pero las protestas han sido efectivas! Según informes: "Walgreens y CVS, las dos cadenas de farmacias más grandes de Estados Unidos, anunciaron recientemente que comenzarán a ofrecer la píldora abortiva mifepristona en tiendas seleccionadas este mes. Walgreens planea vender la píldora en ubicaciones en Nueva York, Pensilvania, Massachusetts y California. , e Illinois, con esperanzas para expandirse a otras ubicaciones y estados pronto. CVS ofrecerá la píldora en Massachusetts y Rhode Island y luego se expandirá a otros estados." (
La Agencia Católica de Noticias explica:
"Las píldoras abortivas que pueden interrumpir un embarazo hasta las 10 semanas de gestación tendrán una disponibilidad mucho mayor, ya que CVS y Walgreens han anunciado que tienen la intención de surtir recetas para el medicamento mifepristona, luego de los cambios en las reglas federales el martes". ( ¿Por qué CVS y Walgreens planean facilitar la matanza de vidas humanas inocentes mediante la distribución de píldoras abortivas a escala masiva? ¡Las protestas han sido efectivas! De hecho, Walgreens ha cedido a las demandas de dejar de vender pastillas abortivas en algunos estados. Depende de nosotros seguir presionando hasta que estas tiendas dejen de permitir pastillas abortivas en todos los casos. El aborto químico NO es atención médica, sino más bien una grave ofensa contra Dios, la eliminación de vidas inocentes y la causa de daño espiritual y físico a la madre.

1. Un activista antiaborto que encabezó a otros en la invasión y bloqueo de una clínica de salud reproductiva en la capital del país fue sentenciado el martes a casi cinco años de prisión. Lauren Handy, de 30 años, estaba entre varias personas condenadas por delitos federales contra los derechos civiles por bloquear el acceso a Washington Surgi-Clinic el 22 de octubre de 2020. Handy y los otros ocho fueron acusados ​​de conspiración contra los derechos y de violar la libertad de acceso a la clínica. Ley de Entradas. La ley federal, más comúnmente conocida como Ley FACE, prohíbe obstruir físicamente o utilizar la amenaza de fuerza para intimidar o interferir con una persona que busca servicios de salud reproductiva.
2. Miles de mujeres en estados con prohibiciones y restricciones al aborto reciben píldoras abortivas por correo de estados que tienen leyes que protegen a los prescriptores, según muestra un nuevo informe. La publicación del martes de la encuesta #WeCount muestra que alrededor de 8.000 mujeres al mes en estados que restringen severamente el aborto o imponen límites a la realización de uno a través de telesalud estaban recibiendo las píldoras por correo para fines de 2023, la primera vez que se ha calculado con qué frecuencia. Se está utilizando la solución alternativa del sistema médico.
3. Un grupo de al menos 17 fiscales generales demócratas ha formado un “grupo de trabajo sobre derechos reproductivos” para ampliar el acceso al aborto y tomar medidas enérgicas contra los centros de recursos para el embarazo en todo el país, según un informe de The 19th, una fuente de noticias a favor del aborto. El grupo está dirigido por la fiscal general de Massachusetts, Andrea Campbell. Dijo el jueves que el grupo servirá como un “esfuerzo unido” para “proteger el acceso al aborto en todo nuestro país”. Más de la mitad de los estados de EE. UU. tienen restricciones sobre las píldoras abortivas químicas, mientras que algunos estados, como Texas, Carolina del Norte y Arizona, han prohibido por completo el envío de medicamentos por correo. En el extremo opuesto del espectro, varios estados han aprobado las llamadas leyes de “escudo” contra el aborto. Estas leyes varían en su alcance y métodos, pero la ley de Massachusetts es la única que protege expresamente a los proveedores de abortos químicos contra el procesamiento “independientemente de la ubicación de la paciente”. Además de tomar medidas enérgicas contra los centros de embarazo, el grupo de fiscales generales demócratas también planea ayudar a los fiscales generales a establecer “unidades de justicia reproductiva” dentro de sus oficinas para centrarse en brindar experiencia legal en materia de aborto.

Aquí en la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York, nuestra esperanza es que todas las comunidades parroquiales participen en la iniciativa Caminando con Mamás Necesitadas para apoyar a las madres embarazadas y madres que son madres locales. Para facilitar este proceso, hemos desarrollado una nueva Guía de Acción Parroquial específicamente para las parroquias de la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York. Ser una parroquia de Caminando con Mamás Necesitadas no tiene por qué ser complicado. Con base en las necesidades locales y las brechas de recursos identificadas en el proceso de inventario, discierna cuál será la respuesta de su parroquia para apoyar a las madres embarazadas y madres con hijos.
- ¿Existe un centro de embarazo local que necesite voluntarios y apoyo financiero?
- ¿Quiere su parroquia abrir un almacén de maternidad/bebés o un banco de pañales?
- ¿El grupo de mujeres quiere organizar un baby shower para una madre embarazada en su país?
- ¿Hay alguna madre joven que necesite niñeras o ayuda para llevar a sus hijos a la escuela?

¡Comuníquese con la Oficina de Respeto a la Vida! ¡Estamos aquí para apoyarlo en sus esfuerzos! No dude en comunicarse con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta, inquietud o idea:
Sor Anne Marie Elizabeth, SV
Oficina Respeto a la Vida, Directora | 646-689-2613
Hna. Esperanza, SV
Oficina de Respeto a la Vida, Subdirectora | 646-476-093

La Proposición Uno de Albany, también conocida como Ley de Reemplazo de Padres. Si bien está envuelta en el lenguaje de la llamada “igualdad”, esta enmienda:
• OTORGAR protecciones constitucionales a prácticas discriminatorias como obligar a niñas y mujeres a competir con niños y hombres biológicos.
• DESPOJAR a los padres de sus derechos a tomar decisiones cruciales sobre la salud, la educación y el bienestar de sus hijos.
• PERMITIR que se tomen decisiones sobre procedimientos que alteran la vida de niños sin el consentimiento de los padres.
Los políticos de Albany tienen tantas ganas de reemplazar a los padres que apresuraron la propuesta a través del proceso legislativo de manera inconstitucional, como lo dictaminó la Corte Suprema de Nueva York. Sin embargo, la fiscal general de Nueva York, Letitia James, está apelando la decisión que probablemente ahora sea revocada. Por tanto, los derechos de los padres y la seguridad de nuestros hijos siguen en peligro. ¡Únase a nosotros y diga “No” a la Propuesta Uno, también conocida como Ley de Reemplazo de Padres!

Una oración nocturna
Jesucristo, Dios mío, te adoro y te agradezco por todas las gracias que me has dado en este día. Te ofrezco mi sueño y todos los momentos de esta noche. Me coloco a mí y a todos mis seres queridos, donde quiera que estén, en Tu costado sagrado y bajo el manto de Nuestra Madre Santísima. Que tus santos ángeles vigilen y nos guarden en paz. Amén.

La semana pasada tuve la oportunidad de compartir el mensaje provida en las Naciones Unidas. Antes de hablar, se mostró el video “Baby Olivia” de Live Action sobre el desarrollo fetal. Está claro cuánto necesitamos educación sobre el desarrollo fetal en escuelas públicas y privadas, escuelas en el hogar y organizaciones comunitarias. Si queremos poner fin al aborto durante nuestra vida, los jóvenes deben comprender cuándo comienza la vida humana y cómo se desarrolla en el útero.
Recientemente, los gobernadores de Dakota del Norte y Tennessee firmaron una legislación que exige que se muestre “Baby Olivia” o un video similar sobre desarrollo humano a los estudiantes de sus estados. Esto garantizará que más de un millón de estudiantes reciban educación sobre la dignidad y el valor de la vida en el útero. Me alienta mucho ver cómo se utiliza “Baby Olivia” para inspirar a personas de todo el mundo. Cuando las personas se encuentran con la humanidad obvia de los niños en el útero, cambian.



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